Solar PV Installation

After a significantly noticeable increase in energy prices, Mrs Sandra Little decided to speak to Qore Energy regarding the options available to help reduce her electricity bills. Qore Energy installed a 4kW Smart system to Mrs Little’s home in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Through our pricing matrix the estimated combination of savings and income in the systems first year was £862 producing 3280kWh. One year later we returned to Scotland and spoke to Mrs Little about her thoughts on the installation and see how well it has worked for their family.

Mrs Little opted for a SolarEdge System, not only does this best in class technology produce 25% more energy maximising power production, but it also allows you to monitor the performance of the panels anywhere, anytime online.

The closer you are to the equator the more sun you receive therefore in Southern locations systems generally are better than Northern locations but remember that solar PV doesn’t need the sun to shine, just long hours of bright daylight. We have over 100 systems installed that we monitor daily on SolarEdge and astonishingly this installation in the West of Scotland is the top performing system throughout the UK, so it seems the Scottish climate works great as these results have proven. It’s a real bonus now to have one year’s analysis on systems such as Mrs Little’s which can offer fact based data to prospective clients. When we compared the estimations for Mrs Little’s home with the actual performance, we were astounded to see that the system had an over production of 15.%.

I was unsure about the PV technology and how the payback worked, but Qore made this really easy. They demonstrated the SolarEdge technology which all the family of various ages understood and became engaged in over the last year. My daughter has even completed a school project on the benefits of PV, which is great.

One year on now and the system has surpassed the projected income and savings by miles. I monitor the performance with my 12 year old on a weekly basis so we’ve trended the improvement. Qore have just issued my annual report and my 4kW system has produced 3793 kW/hrs against the projected 3280kW/hrs – a massive 15% increase – which means in excess of £130 increase on my expected income from the Feed-In-Tarrif and Export Tariff. All my initial fears that PV didn’t work in Scotland have been alleviated. Don’t listen to the press, installing PV has no risk at all.

Case Studies

Linn Hifi – Glasgow

Qore Energy provided Operational and Maintenance services to the site after numerous other contractor failings.

Woodside Health Centre

Qore Energy & Pioneer Contracting have installed a specifically designed Solar PV system to ensure renewable energies alone can fully provide the power supply to the building heat recovery system.

Whole Site LED Lighting Installation

Wilkinson Star are a leading UK importer and distributor of industrial welding and compressor equipment. Qore Energy & Perfect Sense Energy were selected to complete a whole site LED Lighting installation at their site in Swinton, Manchester. The site previously had HID and fluorescent lights installed, which used significant amounts of energy and required frequent, expensive maintenance.

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