The Portal

The Portal

Qore utilise a ‘Live’ web based system which gives complete transparency to clients at all stages of any project. This bespoke system provides full up to the minute information throughout the respective Works Programmes and is an invaluable tool for all parties.

Also supporting individual client needs, reducing their workload and therefore costs by provided auditable approved information such as test certificates per job, hand over packs, evidential photographic proof of completed works and Asbestos Certification and Qualifications from all our operatives.

It is accessible through a range of devices and provides 24/7 updating availability as well as having group chatroom facility with recorded notes.

‘The Portal’ is the go too place for all information required.

Qore Energy Portal

Client Quote

The Portal has been developed with our input which was a first for us and to be honest continues to develop to support our ever changing needs. Usually these products are off the shelf and never quite fit our needs. Not this one. Our contractor review meetings are now seamless, require no preparation as all the information is right in front of us all. We currently have over 1000 live jobs with Qore and the paper free trail , evidence of works completed and ability to authorise the high volumes of invoices so confidently has made all our lives so much easier.  The latest edition of The Portal Personnel page with the countdown tracker has saved us a real headache monitoring expiry dates on Asbestos Awareness Certificates.

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