Fire Audit Improvement Works

Fire Risk Assessments and Periodic Inspections both identify shortcomings, hazards and risks at a premises which should be remedied/mitigated as soon as is reasonably practicable. Qore Energy provide a fire risk management service to manage these improvement works.

Our Work

Case Studies

Linn Hifi – Glasgow

Qore Energy provided Operational and Maintenance services to the site after numerous other contractor failings.

Woodside Health Centre

Qore Energy & Pioneer Contracting have installed a specifically designed Solar PV system to ensure renewable energies alone can fully provide the power supply to the building heat recovery system.

Whole Site LED Lighting Installation

Wilkinson Star are a leading UK importer and distributor of industrial welding and compressor equipment. Qore Energy & Perfect Sense Energy were selected to complete a whole site LED Lighting installation at their site in Swinton, Manchester. The site previously had HID and fluorescent lights installed, which used significant amounts of energy and required frequent, expensive maintenance.

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