Community Centre Solar PV Install

Agar Nook is a vibrant Community Centre at the heart of Coalville, Leicestershire.

Over time, emh homes had started to notice a steady rise in the Community Centre energy costs and decided to speak to Qore Energy regarding their options. They wanted to secure the facilities future from the inevitable rise in energy costs, while significantly lowering their electricity bills and importantly, reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Expert Advice

To achieve a reduction in energy cost emh Homes invested in a 30kW, solar panel system which was installed onto the south facing roof elevation of the Agar Nook Community Centre. The assessment carried out by Qore Energy reassured emh homes that the amount of renewable electricity generated by the panels would provide an average annual return of 22% together with a payback period of only 6 years.

Best in Class Technology

Qore Energy was able to offer the latest in Solar PV technology – a 120 panel SolarEdge, 3 phase inverter system. This maximises power production through module-level technology, providing up to 25% more energy; thereby increasing energy yield and delivering a faster return on investment. The system also provides customers with optimal roof utilisation and enhanced maintenance, meaning the installation can be viewed anytime, anywhere, through a personalised online portal.

Outstanding Income Stream

From the installation of the Solar PV System, emh homes are estimated to save over £3,000 on their electricity costs in year 1 alone. Over a 20 year period they are set to save over £120,000 on their electricity bills as well as benefiting from an extra £95,000 through the government guaranteed Feed-in-Tariff.

We had been increasingly concerned about the rise in our energy bills over the last couple of years and were extremely impressed with the estimated savings provided by Qore Energy. The ‘SolarEdge’ system Qore installed allows emh homes to track the performance of every panel. It is an excellent opportunity for emh to not only see the energy we are saving and green energy we are producing, but to monitor the savings at the same time. The system is certainly worth the investment and we will be moving forward similarly with other emh properties.

EMH Homes

Case Studies

Linn Hifi – Glasgow

Qore Energy provided Operational and Maintenance services to the site after numerous other contractor failings.

Woodside Health Centre

Qore Energy & Pioneer Contracting have installed a specifically designed Solar PV system to ensure renewable energies alone can fully provide the power supply to the building heat recovery system.

Whole Site LED Lighting Installation

Wilkinson Star are a leading UK importer and distributor of industrial welding and compressor equipment. Qore Energy & Perfect Sense Energy were selected to complete a whole site LED Lighting installation at their site in Swinton, Manchester. The site previously had HID and fluorescent lights installed, which used significant amounts of energy and required frequent, expensive maintenance.

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